We provide an overview of CricketX, a well-known game by Smartsoft Gaming. Cricket is a worldwide phenomenon that is more than just a sport. Cricket X capitalizes on this enthusiasm by addressing the country’s love of cricket.  The game provides unrivaled entertainment to gamers all over the world.

Cricket X brings cricket’s passion to the digital sphere in unique ways. It combines incredible visuals, innovative gameplay, and a variety of modern services to deliver an exceptional experience that involves players in the excitement of this fantastic game. 

Playing CricketX Game At Online Gaming Site?

If you are a fan of cricket game and want to play the virtual online game Cricket X, you must follow these simple steps. First, you need to look for an online casino that includes Cricket X. Make sure that your online casino is reliable and trustworthy. 

Before creating your account at your chosen online casino, ensure you are of legal age. Follow these steps to start playing the Cricket X game. 

You’ll be happy to learn that you aren’t required to install an extra application to play the game. You can enjoy the game conveniently on the browser version or the mobile app of your chosen online casino.

Cricket X Gameplay

Cricket X is a video game based on a well-known sport. It is a fresh spin on the famous Crash game that has swept the online casino industry. It was created by SmartSoft, one of the top game developers on the market. The game has a particular theme that heightens the sense of adventure.

Cricket X’s gameplay is uncomplicated and straightforward to grasp. You may play the game in single-player mode against your computer or multiplayer mode against other individuals. There are several game modes, including Classic, Time, and Endless. 

A cricket player hits the ball directly into space to win the game. A unique element of the game dubbed “ball spin” shows a cricket ball spinning on the screen while increasing the multiplier with each swing.  

The game is divided into two parts—the timing of placing the wager and cashing it out. You must comprehend both; otherwise, a bet you believed you might win can be the one you lose.

The Stunning Cricket X Visuals

Cricket X features excellent visuals and a pleasing layout. The game’s setting is a cricket stadium, and the players are attractively rendered in various hues and clothing. The game’s ball dynamics are particularly excellent; the ball moves and bounces like a genuine cricket ball.

Using Controls

Cricket X’s controls are clear and straightforward. You need to move the screen in the desired way to strike the ball. You may use the power-up function in the game by gathering coins. Power-ups available in the game include a bat upgrade, which enlarges the dimensions of the bat, and a ball multiplier, which raises the total amount of runs you earn for each hit.

Minimum And Maximum Bets For Cricket

The minimum wager for the CricketX game is 1 INR because the game is intended to be enjoyable for the participants. The highest bet is 10,000 Indian rupees.

Due to its high average bets and RTP of 96.7 to 98.8%, Cricket X may be pretty lucrative, especially for big rollers. Additionally, you may make two separate bets and choose the point at which the score multiplier will stop on each one.

Cricket X: Buttons And Icons

The primary event of the game, the ball’s launch into space, is depicted on a screen in the game. The identities of other participants, their bankrolls and bets, point multipliers, and the total amount of winners are listed in a table to the right of the screen.

The function towards the bottom of the page is the most intriguing. There are two buttons for placing bets and areas for specifying the stake for each wager. In addition, you may place one or two distinct bets at once and pause the multiplier whenever you choose. The Auto Collection option enables you to collect prizes automatically and is a fantastic addition.

How to Play Cricket X

The most well-known games from SmartSoft Gaming are JetX and JetX3. If you’ve played them previously, you won’t have any problem grasping the gameplay in Cricket X. Nevertheless, learning the finest strategies for success and playing Cricket X pays well. 

There are several reasons to improve your expertise, with the RTP reaching highs of 98.6%. Read on for a thorough analysis of CricketX Smartsoft, tips for playing, and effective winning tactics.

Cricket X begins with a quick loading screen when players have a small window to deposit their first wager. Before the batsman whacks the ball (complete with gratifying sound effects) high into the atmosphere, you can watch a bowler toss the cricket ball toward the wicket. The ball may explode immediately or after taking off for a while. Your task is to predict the precise moment. 

This section will help you to place real money bets on the Cricket X game. 

Betting Strategy for Cricket X

Players can place two bets in a single spin of the game. You can also choose to be safe and only put one wager. We advise newcomers to limit themselves to only one bet. A single bet can range in size from 0.10 INR to 100 INR. The secret to successful betting is knowing how much to wager with your bankroll.

Single Bets 

We advise determining your bankroll first while placing single bets. A certain sum is required to put at least 100 bets. Therefore, if you’re betting 0.10 INR, you must have 10 INR in your account. If you wish to make larger bets, deposit them into your account. 

You can employ one of three different risk-level methods when placing single bets. These are low, medium, and high risks. 

Double Bets 

You should use the auto cash-out tool for double bets rather than cashing out manually. When you hit the multiplier, the game will immediately cash out your wager for you. Most players that engage in double betting begin at a modest risk level. Additionally, some players like combining different risks for the best gaming session. 

Features of Cricket X

Cricket X is different and unique in several intriguing ways. When you play the game, you will enjoy several features. Some of these features include, among others:

Players may pre-set a cash-out value with the help of Cricket X’s auto cash-out feature. This feature is helpful, especially if you place two bets at once. The game will immediately cash out when the multiplier reaches your chosen value. This feature lessens your danger of losing money if you keep it at a modest level. 

The game’s music effects, movement, and color scheme are only a few of the parameters that the player may alter.

Play in ever-changing weather conditions that impact the game’s tactics and reality. This is an exciting feature that enhances the gameplay. 

The intriguing cricket theme in Cricket X ups the suspense level of the game. The cricket ball spin function and the backdrop of a cricket field in the game’s UI add to the concept.

Cricket X shows historical data in real-time, notably the number of participants, the number of bets totaled, and the most significant multiplier ever achieved.

Tops Tips To Win at Cricket X

In this game, the outcome of every Cricketx bet is decided at random. All games share one crucial element from Smartsoft gaming vendors: they employ a random number generator, which is an advantage. You should know that this technique relies on chance and that predicting how events will turn out is impossible.

Thus, like any other game of chance, cricket X doesn’t require complex techniques or winning strategies.  Nevertheless, we provided you with some of the best tips and strategies to boost your chances of success and minimize significant losses when playing the Cricket X game. 

The random number generator decides whether you win or lose, but there are several strategies to assist you ultimately succeed.

Cricket X is a game with many rounds that moves quickly. So, before making wagers with actual money, you must establish your budget. 

Bettors can use the martingale approach to their advantage during a loss. You can recover and leave the game without suffering a loss in this manner. 

You may find it alluring, but placing a wager with a high multiplier in hopes of winning a large sum of money immediately will only be profitable in the short term. Thus, you will earn much more if you frequently wager on modest multipliers.

Start with a small sum to avoid blowing your budget in a few bets. Even if you don’t care about your short-term success, keep in mind that winning, in the long run, will ensure your financial security.

With the help of this method, you may make more money with each victory while making up for all of your prior losses. However, remember that this approach might quickly empty your whole bankroll; thus, only do it infrequently when destiny seems to be on your side.

Analyze the new player’s winning approach and use it for your subsequent wagers if they are constantly winning. Additionally, pay attention to what most players do before each round begins.

You have the freedom to play any way you want and the choice to either turn on or turn off the music. The automatic cash option is available. Additionally, you may put two bets together.

When playing cricket, avoid taking unwarranted risks. The ideal strategy is to make small bets and use the early payout facility. When you keep the game’s volatility moderate, you may prevent needless risk.

Is Cricket X by Smartsoft Gaming Worth Your Time?

If you’re about to enter a virtual cricket pitch, you could wonder if Cricket X by Smartsoft Gaming is worth your time playing.

Fans and avid cricket players would like to learn how this game is played. Even though there are many cricket video games online, CricketX Smartsoft stands out as a compelling competitor. However, it has benefits and downsides, just like any gaming endeavor. 

Playing this excellent virtual game promises a realistic cricket experience. Still, before entering the digital world, one may need to consider many variables, such as gaming depth, realism, and overall involvement. Let’s examine Cricket X’s advantages and disadvantages.


The game’s strategic component allows players to choose between many options. It will be necessary for the players to practice the strategic thinking needed in actual cricket matches. Beyond the simple gameplay of pressing controls, this offers another level of interest.

Cricket X adds novel features that set it apart from other cricket video games. Advanced ball dynamics and variable weather are all enjoyable improvements that improve the gameplay experience.

A genuine game experience is provided by Cricket X, which puts players in the middle of the action. Cricket fans may enjoy the realistic visuals, lively visuals, and intricate venues that add to the game’s authentic atmosphere.

The game promotes belonging by allowing users to interact, compete, and work together in online leagues and competitions. It appeals to cricket’s inherent competitive spirit.


Even though there are many advantages to playing CricketX Smartsoft, there are a few drawbacks. 

Although the game necessitates strategic thinking, beginners unfamiliar with the sport may find it challenging. Some players may need help with complex physics and complex decision-making procedures.

Pursuing realism can occasionally overpower the enjoyable element. The overall enjoyment might be diminished by an excessive focus on little details, particularly for those looking for a more relaxed gaming environment.

Cricket X may experience technical difficulties like flaws, malfunctions, or connectivity concerns. These problems might make it difficult to play smoothly.

It’s essential to consider your gaming interests, passion for cricket, and desire for a balance of realism and enjoyment while considering the advantages and disadvantages of Cricket X by Smartsoft. You must match your expectations with the game’s characteristics to decide whether to play it because of its unique features and possible downsides that create a gaming experience tailored to a specific audience.


Cricket X is an excellent game for fans and mobile players. The game has great visuals and realistic ball dynamics, making it entertaining and addicting. The power-up function makes the game more exciting, and you always enjoy playing the many game types. Despite its drawbacks, the game is still fun, including a few game options and no way to customize the player or stadium. 

Whatever approach you choose, the game still relies on random number generation. In other words, the plan may or may not be successful. All new players are advised to start slowly and get comfortable with the game by placing single bets with the lowest possible risk.

When you feel more comfortable with the gaming and the regulations, move to moderate-risk methods or try double betting. We advise gamers only to use it if they have a sizable bankroll. However, you may always do it if you believe you can succeed.

Experience the adrenaline rush of playing a cricket-themed crash game by downloading Cricket X immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes the top frequently asked questions about the Cricket X game. This casino game has become quite popular in the last few years as it lets people enjoy betting on their favorite sport. 

Where can I play Cricket X?

You may play anywhere for fun, but if you want to play for real money, you should only do so at a reputable international casino like Parimatch. You may benefit from their generous welcome casino bonus and other advantages. 

Does Cricket X support both iOS and Android operating systems? 

The answer is that Cricket X is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Is the Cricket X Casino Game available for free, entertaining play?

Yes! In many online casinos, you may play Cricket X for fun without having to register or make a payment. 

Can I win real money playing Cricket X Casino Game at Online Casino?

Yes! You may play the Cricket X Casino Game for Real Money and earn Real Money by creating an account at the online casino.

Can I use my mobile device to play Cricket X Casino Game?

You may love playing Cricket X on your Android & iOS mobile phone because it is optimized for devices and displays all resolutions.

Is it free to download and play Cricket X? 

You can download and play Cricket X for free.

What Cricket X winning technique works the best?

Cricket X is a licensed game from Smartsoft, a dependable licensed provider. A little or a lot of good luck is all you need to win big! 

Can I play Cricket X with others? 

The answer is yes; you may play Cricket X with others.

What other game types does Cricket X offer? 

Cricket X offers three main game modes: Classic, Time, and Endless.